Crew's Bio

Personal Information

Name: Mahri Andras

Rank: Commander
Position: Commanding Officer
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Race: Human
Birthplace: Anlaby, England
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Green
Physical Build: Mahri stands 5'7" and has an athletic build.


Academy Major: Tactical Academy Minor: Communications Specialist Skills: Command Training

Service Record

- USS Asimov, Cadet Cruise

- USS Seawolf, Security Officers

- USS Nobel, Security Officer

- USS Harkness, Security Officer

- USS Everclear, Security Officer

- Starfleet Headquarters, Security Officer

- USS Heron, Assistant Chief Security Officer

- USS Nobel, Chief Security Officer

- USS Pegasus, Executive Officer

- USS Pegasus, Commanding Officer
Ct.jpg Azeri Fleet Command Training Completed

Missions Completed for Azeri Fleet

Family & Background

Reima Monroe (biological mother, Starfleet Medical Officer, deceased)
Ward Monroe (biological father, Starfleet Medical Officer, deceased)
Talora Andras (adoptive mother, Starfleet Medical)
Xan Andras (adoptive father, Starfleet Medical)
Rex Andras (35, adoptive brother - Starfleet Security)
Sam Andras (30, adoptive brother - Starfleet Engineer)


Mahri Rae Monroe was born to Reima and Ward on July 31st in Anlaby, England. She was the only daughter to the two medical doctors and through the first few years of life they lived on Hanolan Colony. The family was reassigned often whenever a new Starfleet assignment would come up, but mainly situated within more rural and less traveled Federation colonies.

While on holiday on Valdis IV, the Monroe family found their time on a resort planet at the edge of Federation space under attack by Cardassians. Mahri was tucked away to safety by her parents, but they were not so lucky. When she was rescued by Starfleet officers, she was one of about fifty survivors left. Her parents were not among those survivors. With no other family, Mahri found herself alone and being ferried back to Earth to be sorted out by Starfleet. While on the ship that had saved her, the USS Proudmoore, a family temporary took her in and cared for her. Though still grieving the loss of her parents and worried about where she'd end up, the two sons that the family had were a good distraction for her. By the time they reached Earth, the Andras family worked with Starfleet JAG in order to gain custody of Mahri before she could even leave the Proudmoore.

It wasn't until Mahri was older that she requested that her surname match her adopted family's name. She didn't like sticking out, even though she didn't look like Rex and Sam, they always were very insistent that she was their sister. There had never been a time growing up where Mahri hadn't felt like a natural born Andras child, which is why she chose to have it changed. The three Andras children grew up being bounced around with their parents' assignments, mostly on ships up until the children were old enough to enter the academy. At that point, Talora and Xan took up the offer of working at Starfleet Medical once Rex was nearly old enough to go to the academy.

Even with her parents' and her adoptive parents' medical backgrounds, Mahri and her brothers went into security and engineering. It was sort of nice because she was in the middle Andras child because she got to experience being at Starfleet Academy with both Rex and Sam at different times. Even though Mahri did really well in all of her classes and simulations, when Rex graduated from the academy she really started to feel the disconnect and sadness of losing the closeness with her brothers.

When Mahri graduated from the academy, she was posted on the USS Asimov for her cadet cruise. It was hard for her being apart from both Sam and Rex. It was nice to be in communications with them and her adoptive parents, but it just wasn't the same as being face to face. She missed the holodeck sessions with the boys, whether it was some kind of sport or an adventurous program like rock climbing some mountain side.

Working security was challenging and Mahri easily fit in with the other officers in her department. Things were quiet during her cadet cruise and her assignment on the Seaview, it wasn't until she was transferred to the Nobel when the Dominion War started that things really got interesting. She'd known loss and how violent and ugly the universe could be, but the war was something different. She lost people that she knew, that she cared about, and everyday she woke up fearing that she'd hear that something had happened to Rex or Sam.

The Dominion War taught her more than how to survive, it reminded her how precious life was and how strong they were together. They were warriors, all of them, and it was something that seemed to be brought out in wars...without a war they were just explorers. Her time on the Harkness was brief, but it was eventful as she found herself in the position to not only do good, but to see a familiar face. Rex's unit had been on assignment to evacuate the colony Hakton VII which was under attack by Dominion Forces. Mahri went down with her unit to extract not only Rex's unit but also remaining colonists, it was both thrilling and nerve wracking. She'd learned about losing family early on in life, but she couldn't imagine her life without her brothers (even if they were assigned to different corners of space).

The end of the war brought about a lot of reassignments. Mahri didn't mind because she always felt that reassignment meant that there was a possibility for her to land on the same ship as her brothers. Sure, it was far less likely for her to land on the same ship as Rex since they both worked security, but it was still a nice thought. Mahri's wish came true when she and Sam were both assigned to the Everclear. Her assignment wasn't long, but it was still more time with her younger brother than she normally would have gotten.

Mahri was reassigned quickly between her next set of assignments which left her feeling like she was doing something wrong. Mahri challenged authority when it was necessary, but she never thought that it was enough to get her reassigned. She worked security for Starfleet Headquarters and somehow impressed a captain with her skills of observation enough to be requested aboard their ship. So, she was assigned as assistant chief on the Heron. It was a ship with a crew that had been through a hell of a lot together during the Dominion War, but Mahri mainly appreciated the way that they all seemed to be a family.

Eventually she was promoted to chief security officer and transferred to the Nobel. It was interesting serving back aboard a ship she had already served on. The captain had been the second officer and there were still many familiar faces. Mahri found that she was more able to implement her ideas and procedures. It made doing things her way much easier when she was the one in charge of the department. The familiarity of the ship, she knew, helped with it all. She also found herself being encouraged by the XO of the Nobel to look at command as an option. It was something that she'd completed previously, but through the years she'd focused on security. She had been given more and more responsibility and she excelled at everything, pushing herself until it was perfectly done. It seemed like whenever she truly felt like she had everything running just how she wanted, that's when she was transferred. This time she found herself sent to the USS Pegasus as executive officer. It wasn't an assignment she'd ever honestly dreamed of back in her academy days, but she thought that the position would hold a lot of promise.

Psychological Profile

Miriam Ingles, Starfleet Academy Counselor

Mahri Andras does well individually, but like many she excels in a group setting. She has strong ties to her adoptive family, especially her brothers, which very well be why she works so well in groups and especially small teams or units. Being extremely detailed is important for her and she doesn't let it go if something incorrect is said.

=Z'naei'l Ma'tr'eh, USS Harkness Counselor

Even with the war in full swing, Mahri Andras has continued to perform wonderfully in her position. The one thing that seems to really concern her is her brothers, whom are both Starfleet officers on different ships. Even with her worry, which is completely normal, Mahri continues to push herself to work at her best. She is professional and always able to take on more tasks that are given to her, while at the same time she also will speak up and offer suggestions for improving. One thing that might be seen as both a pro and con for this officer is her willingness and almost need to speak up when something is said incorrectly. So far, it has been seen in a positive light and I believe that Mahri's ability to speak truthfully, sometimes bluntly when needed, and her ability to push her department to be better will take her far in the future.

Rian Bishop, USS Heron Counselor

Though Mahri Andras has been between many assignments over the last couple of years, so have many officers fleetwide. It has been a hard time and Mahri has wondered if it is possible that she is the reason why, in a negative way rather than the positive way that has been responsible for her transfers. She is hardworking and I believe that it shows substantially for her character to stop and to actually want to address this issue. She has performed as if she is the chief of security instead of the assistant to the chief and it shows in how the department as a whole functions and how well it has performed as a unit.

Alexandra Jiel, USS Nobel Counselor

The captain and XO have been assigning Mahri Andras to do more and more tasks that are beyond CSO and closer to command. She has done splendidly and seems to be able to surpass most given the same tasks as far as her stamina goes. Mahri is not one who likes to leave things unfinished, even if it means missing a little sleep. She has more than proven herself as being able to handle difficult and challenging tasks, security and command-wise, with little or no sleep and still be level headed and make coherent decisions. It is my professional opinion, in conjunction with both the captain and XO's already submitted recommendation, that Mahri Andras be considered for a position in command.

Years of Service in Azeri Fleet

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Shatner Award - Meritorious Anger/Rage/Fury Post
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Brooks Award - Meritorious Plot Twist Post
2015 December - "Infrequent Moments" (Naya/Kent/Chris/Riley/Shannon) #27528

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2015 March - "The Way to Fix These Fixer-Uppers is to Fix Them up with Food" (Riley/Shannon) #26723

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2015 December - "Beating Up the Wrong Guy" (Shipwide) #27485

Berman Award - Meritorious Arrival by a Character
2014 March - "A Series of Mix-Ups" (Shannon/Riley) #25774

Chakotay Award - Meritorious Descriptive Post
2015 March - "What the Banshee Said" (Kent/Chris/Eric/Riley/Shannon) #26794

Roddenberry Award - Outstanding Post Award
2015 September - "Chrysalis" (Shannon) #27327

Okuda Award - Exceptional Joint Post (JP) Award
2014 June - "Just You and I, Maybe" (Naya/Kent/Shannon) #26136
2014 December - "The Hot and the Cold Are Both so Intense" (Eric/Riley/Shannon) #26626
2015 March - "Ex Machina" (Shannon/Ed/Eric/Chris/Naya) #26913
2015 December - "Now She Walks Through Her Sunken Dream" (Shipwide) #27471

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